"The Gold Rush Trail - An Outdoor Museum of San Francisco History"
Embarcadero District
Foot of Market, South to Harrison

16. The Ferry Building (A. Page Brown, 1895) survived the '06 and '89 earthquakes with minor damage. Justin Herman Plaza is named for the development czar of the 1960s; his dreams are coming true in a grand design for the area. The Maritime Trail is marked with pylons, north. Herb Caen Way leads to a booming South Beach. The new Exploratorium is at Piers 13-15.

17. The Audiffred Building (1889) stands where U.S. Navy personnel stopped the march of the 1906 fire along the piers. Its Old World visage stands secure in the shadow of the grand Southern Pacific Building and modern development along the south Embarcadero.

18. The headquarters of the San Francisco Fire Departent are further along, at Townsend and Second, near A T + T Park. The lobby here is a mini-museum of SFFD history.

19.Hills Plaza is just beyond this point, memorable for its statue of the coffee-drinker of advertising history, and perhaps the most dramatic sea-level vistas of the Bay.

20. Rincon Center between Mission and Howard, Steuart and Spear, with its historic lobby, fountain, and public places, is a superb destination for visitors. It is also a main orientation site for the schools program for fourth and eigthh graders, inaugaurated by the San Francisco Unified School District, in conjunction with the Gold Rush Trail.

21. A block away at Market is the new Federal Reserve Building (1983), behind whose dramatic portico is a spacious lobby with continually updated exhibits and displays.

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